• 107mm Rocket Crate: Replica Weapon Cache Crate - Hand-made, this replica weapon cache crate is constructed of solid wood, painted khaki/sand, and is marked to indicate both the weapon type and lot number. Mix and match this crate with any of our others to replicate a complete weapon cache.

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  • WWII BOXES Karabiner 98k Crate based on the original shipping crate that carried 10 rifles. The construction is the same as the larger box, only our crate will take a rifle, sling, bayonet, cleaning case and 6 boxes of ammunition.

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  • May 06, 2009 · WW2 History Buff said: I have one WWII 75mm crate, i use it to display three helmets, supposedly it was my Great Grandpa's that he brought back from the war, and supposedly he was a Paratrooper, but that might be family folklore, who knows.. It says on the crate when it had its full load it weighed 79lbs!

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  • WW2 88 mm. Kw.K.36 ammunition crate (closed) 3,35€ 1/72 scale item. 88 mm. Kw.K.36 ammunition crate used by german army during WW2.

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  • Buy ww2 ration tin and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! German WWII kriegsmarine sardines food can ration tin "Konserve" norway type. Horses were still used for ration supplies, ammunition and field ambulances. For Some German Soldiers, World War II Continued After May 1945. This WW2 psychological drama plays out at Christmas.

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    WW2 German Patronenkasten 900 Ammunition Crate Out of stock WW2 German Fallschirmjäger Flare crate $90.00; WW2 German NebelKerzen Schnell 39 Smoke Pots crate $90.00; WW2 German Dynamite Crate from $65.00; WW2 Reproduction German Wooden Ration Crate $75.00; WW1 /WW2 German Bier/Apfelwein Crate $80.00; WW2 German Afri-Cola Wooden Soda Crate 24 ... Rare Original WW2 U.S. Army Thompson MG Magazine Ammo Bag w/Strap, Boyt 42 d. VERY RARE WWII German Death Card, 19 YEAR OLD STUDENT PRIEST. 2 183,73 руб. WW2 WWII Photo USMC Combat Photographer M1 Carbine Solomons World War Two / 1760.HA9931 $6.50. WWII German Ammo / Supply Boxes #2--Printed Paper Kit (paper, must be assembled) Due to be released in FALL 2016. - Type: box/crate - Period: World War II - Scale: 1/32 Scale - Hobby Bunker

    Re: Ammo crates Post by jopaerya » 12 Jun 2019, 08:28 Could be Etienne, the boxes with this type of handgrip are mostly German 7.5 cm guns ( wehrmachts.kisten.free.fr )
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    WW2 German Patronenkasten 900 Ammunition Crate Out of stock WW2 German Fallschirmjäger Flare crate $90.00; WW2 German NebelKerzen Schnell 39 Smoke Pots crate $90.00; WW2 German Dynamite Crate from $65.00; WW2 Reproduction German Wooden Ration Crate $75.00; WW1 /WW2 German Bier/Apfelwein Crate $80.00; WW2 German Afri-Cola Wooden Soda Crate 24 ...

    The 7.92×57mm Mauser cartridge was adopted by the German Empire in 1905, and was the German service cartridge in both World Wars. In its day, the 7.92×57mm Mauser cartridge was one of the world’s most popular military cartridges.
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    Original WWII 1250rd Belted Machine Gun Ammunition Crate. Crate EMPTY and is in good condition with all bands and original wing nuts. Zinc tin is inside as well as wood that separated ammunition (see the add in ammo section for belted ammo as that shows the inside and ammo that came out of this crate). Excellent add for the collector or reenactor. Large and heavy item, weight is 22lb and is ... This category lists all types of ammunition used during World War II. This includes bullets, artillery shells, etc. Here is a a Finnish example of WW2 era ammo crate designed to carry 600 rounds of 7.62 mm x 54R ammunition. Photoes are taken from the same crate, showing it from two different angles.

    Army Ammo Crate
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    GERSTAL030 German Infantry Moving Large Ammunition Crate (Stalingrad Germans). Scale 1:30 / 60MM $169.99 NICE , MARKED WW II NAZI GERMANY GERMAN AMMO METAL BOX CANISTER ALL ORIGINAL Personal, Field Gear - 36049. $12.84 STENCIL SET SCHABLONE WW2 WWII GERMAN AMMO BOX CASE 3.7cm 3,7cm FLAK SHELL Field Gear - 4721.

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WWII type packaging 1948 Frunze/#60 Type L light ball on stripper clips in 15 round boxes. 20 boxes/60 clips/300 rounds per tin, 2 tins per wooden crate. Galvanized tin soldered closed with pull tab.

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Army Ammo Crate The 3D model of ammo crate, bullet and shell of the famous German 88mm gun used during the WW2. This asset is built in 4 separated objects and includes 4 pre-assembled assets ready to use directly in your scene. These assets will embellish your war scene and add more details in the environment. The 3D model is ready for game and low poly using. Add to Favourites. Comment. WW2 ammo crate. By Capmikqc.WW2 German Ammo Crate with Steel lined Insert, The steel lining is to stop moisture getting in. Used to carry 20mm cases.Watching: 6. Views: 341. WW2 German Leather Ammo Pouch. Suggested Listings. Mosin Nagant 91/30, Chinese Type 53. WW2 Italian Breda mg ammo (7.35x51mm carcano). Original Vintage German Military Style Knife.

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Just added , WW2 German Assault Ration box Just added is our new run of the WW2 German ration box. Note: Due to crates being made to order, please expect a 15 business day turnaround before shipping.Ww2 German Flashlight Ammunition crate .50 Cal / 12,7x99 Nato, build in famous US style which was introduced in WWII already. Condition is great and price also. If you have use for a very nice steel crate - now is the time.

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Sep 10, 2007 · I looked up the markings today on the internet and it appears to be a shipping crate for 20 Sprengriegel/R.Mi. 43 or Riegel mine 43 which was a particularly nasty German steel cased anti-tank bar mine used in WWII. Here are a couple of photos of the crate. The German Mauser Rifle was the sniper’s choice for the German army. The 8mm rifle projectile was very lethal in the hands of a skillful sniper. Even to this day over 70 years later, these exploding bullets are not to be reckon with. The test results from Mosin Crate certainly will surprise you. Yes, these exploding bullets are the real deal. German WW2 Personal Items; Iron Cross & Wound Badges; ... Order 1915 DATED WW1 GERMAN AMMUNITION CRATE 1915 DATED WW1 GERMAN AMMUNITION CRATE @ £65.00 Qty: German Army Rations Ww2 Some WWII-era American Military Slang: Army strawberries: Prunes. worked to improve the quality. When Knuth's battalion attacked the German-held Fort Jeanne d'Arc, he and about 30 other soldiers with the Army's 95th Infantry Division got stuck behind enemy lines, in the bitter cold, with. German WWII FG-42 Ammo Can; Wooden crate measures about 12-3/4" x 7-5/8" x 4-1/2"; Two black plastic stickers on the top; Intact; Latch works; See photos for more detail. Product Videos Custom Field

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